"What is given to me is in the nature of human being."

Her own path of development, her mindfulness practice and her awareness potential and the gift to read and view in the designated and project-oriented fields (aura field, morphogenetic field, T-field, L-field, ...) as well as the torsion field, many encounters and learning experiences with and through beings of the worlds and her near-death experience suggest that the deepest truth is direct to be found in the heart of every human being.

To touch people in their hearts, to support them on the way to their personal, individual, conscious being with holistic, loving consideration is her field of activity.

The entire existence - is composed of many informational energies. These energies affect our being. Information fields that no longer serve, that irritate or disturb the personal, individual flow of one's own being, may be changed, transformed through their recognition, contemplation and relaxation.

If the resonance points are solution-oriented and sustainably changed, you unfold your potential and recognize your true being. Unused or new areas are activated here by the techniques and exercises applied by Simone Schraner.

Their multi-faceted visibility with enormously high accuracy and natural success rate as well as the various, solution-oriented, short, transcendental enable people to find their development and their salvation. "That's me" - the key point of every human being is to discover this essence and find out who he or she really is. Consciousness & Awareness and applied love are her center. She is committed to this. To encourage and accompany the development and transformation processes, to help humans and animals, therefore she is here.

She willingly helps, is found in different countries and is contacted from around the world for consultations.